What makes a good New Year’s Resolution?

For many of us, January is a time for setting our resolutions or intentions for year ahead. But what makes a good New Year’s Resolution? Something you can realistically stick to, for starters. You have got to be in it for the long haul. For me, it’s all about the cumulative impact of small positive changes that are quick, easy & most importantly, sustainable. The unifying focus is always health balance and self care.

So there will be no grandiose, dramatic pledges over here! It probably won’t have escaped your notice that this blog missed the 1 January “deadline”, either! The trouble with the black and white, all or nothing, slip up and give up type of lofty resolutions (think ‘I will never eat cake again’) is that they are unrealistic; inflexible; encourage an unhealthy mentality; sabotage any kind of joy; and are therefore doomed to fail!

Set SMART goals

Resolutions – like any other goal – should be SMART: specific, measurable, actionable, realistic & timed. The specific part is especially important- ‘get healthy’, ‘eat healthy’ or ‘exercise more’ are waaaaaaaay too vague! ‘Lose weight’ is another common, but not massively helpful, resolution. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it so that you feel more confident in your skin; so you have the energy to run around with children/grandchildren; to reduce symptoms of a medical condition, etc? Consider the end goal – how you want to feel and what you want your life to be – when you ask what makes a good New Year’s Resolution.

HOW TO make a good New Year’s Resolution

  1. Write it down, declare it, share it with others.
  2. Be clear on WHY you have set your intention? How do you want to feel, what is the outcome you desire?
  3. Keep it positive: ‘I will…’ rather than ‘I won’t/I will stop…’
  4. Envision HOW you will action the resolution as part of your daily routine and keep it simple
  5. Who can you get on board to help you stick with it? Working together is not only more fun, but will encourage you to keep going when life gets in the way
  6. Banish limiting beliefs. You CAN do this!

Done right, resolutions can be a fantastic way to take pro-active charge of our well-being, providing motivation and helping us to hold ourselves accountable. Setting our intentions is a very personal exercise, and no two people will have the same motivations or drivers. For what it’s worth, here are mine

My wellness intentions for 2023

  • Try 3 months alcohol-free. I’m sober curious and have begun to question if alcohol really serves me at all any more. I will be interested to see how my body responds, particularly my gut and hormone health. Will my sleep improve?
  • Do my yoga practice at the same time every day, before the school run. Basically so I can’t procrastinate/run out of time/energy. I know it makes me feel amazing, it’s just the getting started. By automating this as part of my morning routine,it should get easier.
  • Continue to reduce my toxic exposure & environmental impact, by switching to toxic chemical-free, eco period care (I’ve gone for a soft silicone saalt cup & these bamboo period pants https://www.modibodi.co.uk/collections/bestsellers/products/sensual-french-cut-moderate-heavy)
  • Wear blue light blocking glasses after 8pm & make sure the lights are out by 10pm
  • Include at least 1 serving of a fermented food daily to support my beneficial gut bacteria. https://www.ocado.com/products/vadasz-raw-garlic-and-dill-sauerkraut-577067011 is my favourite unpasteurised sauerkraut.



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