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If you’re trawling the internet in desperation, searching for a how to Beat the Bloat free eBook to download, your prayer has just been answered! Do you bloat no matter what you eat? Are you sick of feeling and looking six months’ pregnant? Maybe you’re the person surreptitiously unzipping their jeans part way through dinner? If you’re done with feeling swollen, sore and gassy, and feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting and confusing advice out there, I’ve got your back (or should that be, belly). It is possible to feel comfortable, lose the “air baby” and enjoy eating free from discomfort. I show you how in my exclusive new How to Beat the Bloat Free eBook.

Many of us automatically assume food is the cause of our bloating and other gut symptoms, and end up on a slippery slope of avoiding or eliminating an ever-increasing number of foods in our quest to bat the bloat….only to find the symptoms are still there, and with them a host of anxieties and stress around food. At best this journey destroys our enjoyment of food; at worst it leads to worse gut health, nutritional deficiencies and disordered eating.

So how can we beat the bloat? Bloating is one of the most commonly reported symptoms out there (affecting at least 1 in 5 of us) and one mentioned by practically every woman I see in clinic. It can be confusing, frustrating – and super uncomfortable! It’s also a topic that attracts some pretty ridiculous pseudoscience.

We can be quick to blame what we eat for our gut issues, but the fact is, bloating can be just as much about our lifestyle and how we eat. A particular food is rarely that one missing piece of the puzzle. There’s also no superfood (I’m looking at you celery and apple cider vinegar!) or supplement that’ll magically fix it.

Bloating is a feeling of increased abdominal pressure in the intestines that, in some cases, may also cause a visible protrusion – aka the “air baby”. Intermittent bloating (i.e. the type that comes and goes over the course of a day) is more common and can be managed with diet and lifestyle. Continuous bloating is less common and should always be reviewed by your GP in the first instance, especially if you have any of these “red flag” symptoms. To clarify, we’re not talking about weight gain around the middle when we discuss bloating.

Sometimes a few simple tweaks are all it takes to beat the bloat and bid farewell to tummy trouble for good. Enter my exclusive new eBook, yours to download for FREE here. This guide will help you understand the five most common causes of bloating and show you how to manage it with 11 safe, clear and actionable strategies. Many you can try yourself, at home, starting today.

If you’re still struggling to beat the bloat after trying all the tips in this guide, don’t despair. Sometimes we do need to dig deeper, particularly if symptoms are long-standing, or you have a diagnosed condition like IBS or IBD. This is where working with a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner can help. Whereas conventional medicine just treats the symptoms, we identify and address the underlying root cause(s) and support the entire ecosystem of the body. This includes repairing and rebalancing the gut, which invariably has a positive impact elsewhere in the body.

Here at IlluminEat, we have access to cutting-edge tests from some of the most respected laboratories in Europe and the USA. Functional testing gives us amazing insight into the health of the gut and helps identify the root cause(s) of persistent bloating. Common causes include dysbiosis (imbalanced gut bacteria), SIBO (overgrowth of bacteria or fungi in the small intestine), increased intestinal permeability (aka “leaky gut”), chronic inflammation, insufficient digestive juices (stomach acid/enzymes/bile), true food intolerances (lactose, gluten etc.) and hormonal imbalances (often fluctuations in oestrogen and progesterone). Ultimately, we take away the guess work and guide you safely toward a way of eating and living that is right for your unique body.

So if you’re sick of digestive distress dictating your day, and feel ready to re-discover food freedom, we’re here to help. Find out more about what happens in a nutritional therapy consultation here and book a FREE 20 minute discovery call today.


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Free eBook Beat the Bloat IlluminEat Nutritionist

How to Beat the Bloat Free eBook

If you’re trawling the internet in desperation, searching for a how to Beat the Bloat free eBook to download, your prayer has just been answered!

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