IlluminEat Review from Shola

Location: Peterborough


“I recently started with Harriet from IlluminEat. After so many years of dieting, and many health issues leaving me unhealthy and miserable. I was bloated 24/7 and just putting on weight. I had been diagnosed as prediabetic (which I never knew was a thing) and having a number of Pancreas operations has left my digestive system at a huge disadvantage. Harriet has listened to all my symptoms, has taken a medical history and knows what medications I’m on. With all of this she has managed to put me on the road to feeling more like myself in my own skin. I felt a difference in a few weeks and I know it can only get better. I would recommend Harriet is a wonderful nutritionist and she is supportive in so many ways, from helping me understand what I should be eating to explaining how some things affect my body, to listening to me and little things like recommending books etc. that can help along my journey. This is just a shout out to say thank you!”
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